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Originally Posted by powerhouse2 View Post
Has anyone grilled steaks directly on top of lump charcoal no grill grate? what was your times per side, how thick of a cut, I like med rare?
I used to do this in the Scouts. To know how it's done you use the thumb muscle test (I still use it today). Hold you thumb against your index finger and use your other hand to press into the thumb muscle. That's medium-rare. So if you press into your steak and it feels like that, you're in business.

The rest of these is...
The thumb against the big finger is medium
The thumb against the ring finger is medium well
The thumb against the little finger is well done.

All of my steaks done this way have been 3/4" thick.

Times per side really depepnds on how hot your coals are. The hotter the coals, the less time per side. Use the hand test...

The best way to tell the temperature of your fire is to use the traditional hand test. Hold your hand about three inches above the grate and time how long you can hold it there before you are forced to pull it back:
1 to 2 seconds High Heat This is perfect for your hot zone if you are searing a steak or grilling shrimp. Use this heat first to sear the outside and lock in the juices.
2 to 3 seconds Medium High Range Good for most fish fillets.
4 to 5 seconds Medium Low Range Ideal for most chicken and veggies.
7 to 8 seconds Low Heat Perfect for you warm zone to finish steaks or chops. Also good for grilling delicate vegetables and fruit.
1 minute You forgot to light the grill! Put down the beer and go get some matches. (Just kidding)
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