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Originally Posted by dealm9 View Post
I also find Cowboy in most of my hardware stores. Try going to Walmart. They sell Royal Oak Lump which is very good. Make sure it is RO that is Made in the USA as that seems to be the best quality. Regular old Kingsford briquettes work well, unless you are dead set on lump. Naked Whiz has reviews of most lump charcoal out on the market, which can be very helpful if you see some bags of lump that you have never heard of. Again, though, you cannot go wrong with RO lump.

As far as the heat goes, my guess is you are starting with too much lump in your chimney. Assuming you are using the Minion Method, you should only be dropping a couple lit pieces of lump into the charcoal basket. If you are using briquettes you should not need more than 10-15 briquettes. For lump, depending on the size, I try and use maybe 4-5 medium size chunks. The more lit charcoal you start off with, the harder it will be to maintain a low temperature.

Hope this helps.
I glad I came across this as I have been having difficulties keeping a long burn on a full basket of lump/charcoal. I am only getting 3-4 hours on a basket and am trying to get longer times.....
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