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Got rid of the matchlight.
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Default My First UDS build and smoke

So I Started to build my first UDS before discovering this awesome forum. Turns out I should have done a bit more research before I started to acquire my parts. I ended up buying 4 food grade drums from a guy on CL. OPPSSSS ya come to find out you guys talk about this "Dreaded Red Liner" and all 4 of my barrels have it. After a couple attempts at removing it with various methods the best i came up with was an angle grinder with a 36 grit flap disk. I went to town on it for about an hour and it was clean as new. I on the other hand was covered debris. That was basically the hardest part of the build. I burned the outside with a weed burner and a few pallets inside just to be safe. Drilled a few holes for my hardware, welded on some clamps for my lid and ball valve support, painted her with hi temp black. I must say it came together very easy after that liner was out. I couldn't wait too long to test it out so I smoked some bacon wrapped jalapenos and some links. They came out Amazing! So then next day I picked up a 8lb Boston Butt. I kept it pretty simple about 230-240 grill temp for about 81/2 hours. I didn't get the internal temp quite as high as I would have like due to hungry guests. I ended up pulling it of the grill at about 190 let it rest and pulled it by hand. Everyone said it was great but the bone needed a little persuasion to come out so i know it could have used more time. More practice for me. Here are some pics of the goods!

After defeating the red liner

Any reason just to use this

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