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Default Lessons in business.

Lessons I'm learning in business. When I got into business I consulted a friend who has a huge successful business and asked his advice. He told me to give back to the public as much as I could and if asked for help and I can do it to do it. So I have been doing just that and it has been good for two years but I have to tell ya that giving back to the public is really biting me in the rear here lately. I have been trying to help the community that I grew up in which is about an hour away from where I live now. I donate to them all the time when they ask be it fundraisers for people having problems etc. I catered a huge community reunion last year for 50% of my going rate. This year they are hosting a KCBS competition and I am helping out by cooking for the judges class and promoting it where I can for the good of the community. A local (who is supposed to be my friend) has decided he is going to do a big BBQ fundraiser this year for his foundation and he is getting a guy from outside the area to do it and never even asked me to do it. The BBQ'r he is getting does a 2 meat 3 sides advertised all you can eat meal for $10 pp. I can not come close to that and there is a huge difference in what we do compare to him. Soon after this went viral on Facebook and a class reunion from the area that I had booked saw the cheap prices ($3 cheaper pp than I quoted them) they called me and canceled with me. I am feeling down about it all and am cooking for their community for the KCBS Class this weekend (donating for the most part) and I had a person who works for one of my best clients call last minute today wanting BBQ for this weekend. I told him I could pre-cook for him but he decided to go with my local competition here in the are. Now I am possible at risk of loosing a good client if he goes back and brags up my competition. I am cook (for free) for the local free clinic for a fundraiser in two weeks for 300 people. This will be my 5th year in a row. Wondering what that will cost me after the run I am having. I donate a large amount of retail value and these days I feel like it is costing me huge and just feeling down and needing to vent. Thanks for taking the time to read.
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