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It seems strange to me.

Whether to retain the documents/records or not is purely a corporate decision.

However, I would expect that decision to be made in the form of a records retention policy that would cover the time periods for which various types of records should be retained.

I assume that no such document currently exists, for if one did, I would reasonably expect it to already provide for the records discussed here, and if so I would expect that the motion would be to ammend the policy.

Given the above, it does . . .

1. raise my suspicion as to why this is an urgent matter now and not part of the establishment/implementation of an all encompassing records retention policy.

2. makes me wonder what sort of people are entrusted with the directorship of the KCBS that they may be concerned with something that they said being attrributed to them.

3. makes me wonder why something being subject to discovery would be an issue if everything was done with honesty and integrity. If everything is done with integrity records are also a good defense.

4. provide the opportunity for the current board to prove their integirty (or otherwise) with their vote.
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