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Well made the brisket on Sunday. Was ok, had a nice buttery taste and lots of fat. I think I need better carving skills. To be honest it was a long day and at the end I was kinda rushed.

Here is what I did, Sat afternoon I took the packer out of the plastic. And to my surprise it was still hard as in very stiff. There was nothing to trim, I mean I took off a little and I mean a little of what I thought was hard fat just to say I did something. Also no blood, I mean nothing.

Lawrey's Salt, Onion Powder and Garlic Powder. Wraped in plastic wrap and foil back in the fridge till Sunday. Sunday made a 50-50 ration Kosher Salt and fresh cracked black pepper. Spread it on the lightly patted it down.

9:45 Got my temp up to 275* brisket went on fat cap down. Had hickery chips and cherry chunks. Had the UDS creep up to 325 and then lowered it. I would say the avg temp was 310*.

Once the IT reached 185* I started to probe. Felt resistance so I kept it on till it had none. IT was 195 and the probe had no resistance (at least I think it didn't). Let it sit in the cooler wrapped up for an hour.

Like I said it had nice flavor, very very moist and juicy. But I think that was b/c it was an expensive piece of meat. Along with it having a lot of fat speckled throughout.

What bothered me was the flat seemed tough and not tender. I was under the impression that smoking at these temps should take about 6 hours. I pulled it at 5:30PM that was almost 8 hours. To be honest I still don't know if I under cooked it or over cooked it.

Everyone said it was very good, but deep down inside I know better. I will post some pics and will post how it comes out as a leftover.

TY again for the help.
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