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I used 2 bags of Publix and thought it was pretty good. It did seem to spark like crazy though when first lighting up. I think all brands of charcoal (lump and briquettes) you might eventually get a bag that has something "off" about it. Seen a lot of posts where people say they didn't like bag brand "x" because (like my example) it sparks a lot, or it didn't burn as hot, or had size consistency issue. I have personally seen all of these things sporadically across the board.

It also can go the other way, like I have heard about a lot of small chunks and dust in cowboy lump and I bought a bag in a pinch and it worked great with no size issues, but I only got it that one time. You said you ventured away from RO and that is primarily what I use in my egg and have never had a bad bag, so go figure.

So really I think I am no help , other than to say I normally give something a 2nd chance if the first encounter is not as expected, especially I see others that have used it and liked it a lot.
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