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Here's a few of my thoughts to some of your questions

- you've just spent $80 on a brisket... don't start changing too many variables by wet aging, injecting, foiling etc.... especially if you've never done it before. At $80 that brisket better not need aging to taste good !! Pretty sure Fette Sau is not doing any of that stuff and you thought it was incredible.. so why would you need to do it ??

- Rub - I think you're on a good path to start simple w/ S&P as Donnie suggested.. ...get a feel for what salt does to the flavor by itself (w/black pepper) ..maybe add some cayenne or garlic powder too...

Time/Temp - you'll see answers ranging from 185-385 degrees. That's going to be up to you and your approach.. If it's your first cook, likely want to stay away from extremes

- Foil - you'll get answers of yes & no - not necessary if you cook it right..

- butcher paper - I've liked the results over the last year or two using it

There are so many things one can/do or not do when cooking BBQ.. trying to do everything may make things worse... start minimally so you can figure out what changes you'd want to do next time out (if any). Taking everyones suggestions are nice, but better to learn on your own so you can figure out what you think is best not just what others think.

Good Luck !!!!
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