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Originally Posted by landarc View Post
So, garlic and/or onion in mac-n-cheese, I go back and forth on this, I really like to use finely choopped onions and garlic in my, for my own consumption. However, I have had comments that there is a funny taste from some folks, so I err on not adding it, or adding very little, when serving to a large number of people. Plus, I know that garlic and onion can be a 'non-starter' for some folks, and I like to leave a safe-option dish when I am serving other folks.

For strictly home and family, I usually add 1/4 cup each of finely chopped celery and onion, a couple to three cloves of salt crushed garlic and some parsley and tarragon minced up to the roux cooking stage.
I recently had some mac and cheese from a restaurant of good repute, with real chefs and all fresh food. They said that their mac and cheese was a real favorite among customers and one they took pride in, so my wife and I ordered a side of it to go along with everything else so we could try it out.

In addition to garlic and onion, they used peppers as well, the flavor was unmistakable. It was good, I enjoyed it, but at the same time the pepper flavor, although somewhat subtle, was so striking you couldn't get around it really, and it did not harken back to good old fashioned homemade mac and cheese because of it.

Just thought I would share. I did like it though. My wife didn't however.
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