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Originally Posted by gtr View Post
...he asks coyly....

I could go for some quality joe. You roasting anytime soon?
I'm definitely going to roast this week. With the extra hour of daylight I have time to get in a couple of batches after work. So far the weather looks good for this evening.

Here are the cupping notes for what I plan on roasting...

Coffee Variety: Bali Kintimani DP
Date Roasted: 1/24/12, City+, SC/TO
Date Cupped: 1/28/12

Acidity (1-5): 3.25
- Intensity: medium+

Body (1-5): 3.0
- Mouthfeel: smooth

Flavor (1-5): 3.25, berries, slight pine/herb
- Sweetness: medium++

Aftertaste (1-5): 3.25, not long, but accurate and pleasant

Balance (1-5): 3.5
- Structure/Integration: very good

Total Score: 87.25 (a score of 87 or higher is considered very good. 90+ is rare)

Comments: similar to a DP Sidamo w/ a faint Indo note tucked in, sweet, cools very well (itís important to me that a great coffee be fine across from very hot to very cool), not overly complex, but not simple or one-dimensional.

This one will be $14/bag because the green coffee cost is higher.
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