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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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My UDS had it's first cook yesterday, What an impressive success, thanks to this Forum and all the tips and advice from everyone here, She held temp perfectly from 10:00am for an easy 10 hours when we ate everything, so I closed off the main intake and shut the exhaust to smother her, She could easily have smoked all night long, I'm sure. I'd have got 24 hours no problem, I initially loaded her with 5kg lumpwood charcoal and 1 piece of hard wood for smoke minion method, had a look this morning now it's cold and its not even used half the fuel or burnt all the piece of wood, I had her smoking away at 225-275 all day yesterday, My neighbours are all curious and asking what I've been up to, Smoking isn't common here in UK, everyone grills on an open bbq grill so my facebook album of the build is getting a lot of comments lol Cooked a bunch of sausages, A Fatty, Pork Rolls & lamb ribs. Definitely going to try bigger things next time, She peaked to 300 when I basted/turned the food but only for 10 mins and she settles back down to temp by herself, I wouldn't change a thing at the moment, apart from fitting a bottle opener I opened a couple of intakes just to experiment and she soared to 375 easily so closed it down before my ribs got too crispy back to 250F. I'm more than happy with the build. Thanks again to everyone here that gave advice. Before I lit her I also shortened the 2" bung hole exhaust down to 4" above the flat lid with just 2" below, works perfectly.
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