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Originally Posted by LoneStarMojo View Post
Well, it's final. I am so gonna steal that firebox design Thanks for he update and look forward to the next one!
Thank you, thank you. Hopefully, I've got enough pics of the box for you. I try to include as many as possible. I can't wait to fire it up and see how long I can get a small load to burn.

Originally Posted by mr dirts bbq View Post
as for the paint dampney coatings stove paint 270 black, thermolux. they are outta mass and its $37 per gal, shoot form body gun no thinning required
What?! Do you know what the heat resistance is rated to? That's ridiculously cheap! Does it come in glossy?

Originally Posted by Pitmaster T View Post
I want a box a lot like that for my Brazos Pit! The only thing is... I would like and actual apparatus INSIDE that I could place a few briskets or a Clod (especially a clod) in a strong steel cage, swing them in or out, lock the door tight and control the damper to where it was nearly airtight.

Can you imagine that... a clod started that way? Damn close to Lockhart. Remember when I say CLOD I am speaking of the 25-35 pounders. And I don't, screw clod up by cooking them like brisket and pulling the meat either.
You don't see a lot of clod cooks! That's a heavy duty hunk of meat right there! We considered adding an area to the topside of the box for this purpose but decided we'd go without this time. We'll probably be able to crank that chamber up to 5-600 without trouble but we won't likely do that often. The box will be ultra air tight. You're right, though; that would be a nice utility add-on to the box! Thanks.
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