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Some good points there and much appreciated. I did some catering and concessions with a stick burner, I have had my gator pit for 6 years now. If I had just got my pit built a little bigger I would just use that. It is a 24x30 main chamber and a 24x24x36 upright.
Starting out small. I am keeping to a small menu. Brisket (chopped for sammies and slice for plates), pulled pork for the influx of transplants which very few in Austin offer on their menus, chicken, ribs and sausage. Tater salad, slaw and bbq beans, the beans are a chile pinto bean, not so sweet as traditional southern bbq beans, chips, soda, fresh made lemonade and sweet tea. I will run one weekly special of a bbq fusion item to offer something to the trendy foodies (there are a lot here).
The health dept is very particular here. Holding tank must be 15% greater than the fresh water and ice supply combined. Both tanks must be permanently mounted. waste water connections must be below the fresh water inlet. The regs for propane are limiting to trailer configuration as the cylinders must be secured from tampering. Non metallic hose is prohibited, cylinders must be at least 3' from any opening (doors or windows) or appliance intake/exhaust vents. piping must be tested annually and any appliance converted from NG to LP must be done by a master plumber certified by the TX railroad commission.
There are several "trailer parks" and more keep popping up. The majority is asian/texmex fusion, just texmex and mex food. There are only a half dozen places doing bbq and of those, mostly fusion. There has been requests for bbq trailers by property owners looking for a food truck/trailer.
The biggest (about the only) competition after 3 years couldn't keep up with the demand and moved into a brick and mortar joint. There are only a couple places in Austin that have a reputation for good bbq. Otherwise you have to drive to places like Lockhart, Luling, Elgin, etc. We have found a niche that needs to be filled and going on that premise as opposed to "if you build it, they will come" which in my book spells failure.
I am with you 100%, keep it simple and be as frugal as possible.

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