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Originally Posted by JMSetzler View Post
Paul, what sort of issues did you have if you don't mind me asking?
No problem I have pics here

Out of the box the finish had various scuffs and scratches, I figured care was not taken when packed because this was a brand new unopened box.

The first problem with assembly was that the lower hinge bracket was not formed correctly and would not line up with the nutserts (I had to use a C clamp to finish forming the bracket which also made the flanges match the contour of the shell better).

When I went to put on the shelves I noticed the brackets that were pre-attached to the shell were done so with a philips screw driver and they stripped the screw heads. Having been in manufacturing for over 20 years one thing that really burns my arse besides about a 3 1/2 foot flame is damage done to a new product during assembly. The scuffs I mentioned earlier were probably done during assembly and not packing. I would rather do 100% of the assembly myself than to deal with poor workmanship.

The bottom vent is where they really missed the bus, if you look inside the vent in the area that is not sealed off there is a seam that leaks air (easy fix with rtv). The embossed numbers have slots cut below them and the center hole is counter sunk. Well you cant counter sink material that thin without deforming it which creates a standoff so all those slots are air leaks which can be fixed with a gasket. The embossed numbers create another problem with the damper having to be raised in the center which is another air leak. I was at Costco and was looking at the medium BGE they had and they really get the bottom vent (no embossed numbers, slots or steps) the damper
is tight inside the side rails of the vents mounting plate making it air tight.

That said I glad I bought the Acorn over the Costco BGE and it has nothing to do with warranty. I have an idea for an adapter for the guru pics to follow.
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