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Originally Posted by Anchors Smokeshop View Post
I'm still a little confused and it could be due to the lack of information I originally provided you.
Just to be clear, I have a wireless router from Fios that I use for my home network. I also have an old Linksys router that I flashed with DD-WRT firmware and connected to my Stoker to use as a bridge on my home network.
Now, when you say to bring my router to a comp, do you mean my home network router or the router that is connected to the stoker?
My response assumed that you only have 1 router. What I would recommend in your situation is to go out and buy a low priced, but name brand (belkin, d-link, etc.), router for comps. Then before going on a comp, follow the directions I listed using the "comp router" instead of the "lan routers" that you have.

Your other choice is to bring both routers with you when you go to comps. You won't need to configure anything at the comp. Once both routers are connected to power, they should work just like they do at your home.

Let me know if this answered your question.

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