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The only thing new I will be looking at is the trailer and smoker. What I need for the health dept and the layout to optimize efficiency in cooking will be much easier to just get new, unless I get lucky..I am keeping an eye in several places. I did see a trailer on ebay for a 28' trailer fully equipped with a 8' stick burner on a screened in porch, with new range, fryer and fridge for $26k. The trouble is that, without even getting the details on the smoker, that price seems way low compared to competitors and the ebay ratings seem contrived, so I am more than skeptical. Seems like a scam.
Anyway, The smoker I will find used and we have 2 big used restaurant supply places here as well as craigslist, so I will be utilizing those. I have asked for advise in a few forums on what type of smoker and the consensus is that a stick burner is the only way to go in central TX. I didn't think that the showmanship of a stick burner vs a commercial gas assist would make that much of a difference, but it seems I was wrong in that thinking.
I have some cooking to do on my gator in the meantime to figure out the best way to retherm brisket and pork and keep the integrity of it.

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