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Found some matches.

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Default cont.

Peeling off painters tape:

Head in place, starting to take shape!

Consulted the forum for inspiration on hinges, again solid information was easily found - had to tweak it a bit to work with the wide rim:

Next up arms. Biggest challenge is the robot has domed end caps, tracked down some steel weld on caps locally at a plumbing supply store. Combined that with 4" ABS pipe, some more black pipe and arms were born:

On one side, drilled into the barrel and screwed in the pipe to allow access for temp probes, needed to weld as well to sturdy them up:

Feet up next - used same ABS, with a toilet flange to make it easy to bolt to bottom of barrel. Bolted casters to the side - allows them to be hidden from view but still functional. Good thing too, barrel getting pretty heavy.

Feet on! Now 5 feet tall from floor to top of antennae!

Here is a close up of the JB weld putty while still "wet":

Painting time, used Engine Enamel spray paint:

Loved the looks I got from people walking by seeing this in the shed, guess the neighbours were not too surprised after all the fire, grinding and hammering :)

Loaded up the basket with charcoal and brought it to 300 for a few hours to cure the engine enamel:

Here he is setup @ the office, arm caps are removable, left side can hold Q tools, right side is going to hold the electronics… we are going to set it up to be powered by an android phone of course! Temp probes, fan, camera, remote access… hmmm gonna be fun!

Planning on first cook this weekend, can't wait!

Hope you enjoyed - and my thanks go out to this forum - has been and will continue to be a wealth of information!
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