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I agree with the "smile and keep quiet" camp. I know my GF wouldn't be happy if I went price shopping/matching for my gifts.

On the flip side, I am not sure she even got ripped off. The newer BGE models went up in price (including stainless steel grates, newer dome thermometer, etc). I believe a Large is around $850 list, no? The nest is usually about $100-$120 or so, so right there you are at almost $1000. The shelves are usually around $65, BGE lump is over priced but it is $25 or so a bag. The ash pan itself lists for about $25, etc.

Once you add up all of these, it seems like she paid about list/retail. Do some dealers give a deal, yeah usually on the accessories I think. I got my egg for list price and any accessories I got day of purchase I think were like 15% off.
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