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Hey Brethren....did my seasoning burn in on my Char Griller last night. Cleaned off the cast iron grate with soap and water to get rid of the protective gunk that it had on, and then coated it up in oil for seasoning. Half filled the fire box with some RO lump. Lite up a weber starter cube on top of the lump and cover with some more lump losely to get her going. Once going nicely closed the lid and let it start to come up to temp. I was shooting for 400. When it was at 300 I started to close down the vents. Put them both to the 2 mark. When it got to 350 I closed the bottom vent to 1 and let it roll to 400 and then closed the top vent to 1 as well. From then on I barely had to touch any of the vents for the burn in. It held at 400 pretty much for 2 hours very nicely. I did use JM's suggestion of putting a Weber Charcoal grate where the difusser plate for this would go. I also had a 16 inch clay saucer sitting on that grate. After the burn in I closed off both vents to shut it down. At this point no smoke was noted so I do not believe I had any leaks to worry about. In about 45 minutes the temp was down below 300. Then another half hour had it below 250. Roughly 2 hours after clsoing it down I was under 100. I will be curious today when I get home to see how much of the lump was actually burned during this process. Overall very pleased with this on the initial run. Plan on a few cooks over the weekend and will try and post some PRON.
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