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Originally Posted by JS-TX View Post
I could be wrong but I don't think there is much room for a water pan, not anything deeper than a couple inches anyway. Speaking of water, I wouldn't suggest using water in this type of cooker. It retains moisture pretty well on it's own and you could get some serious steam burns if you are not careful. A clay saucer is perfect for this cooker and it's not pricey either.
Originally Posted by JMSetzler View Post
I think it might work. I wouldn't make the water pan more than 2" deep or so... maybe 3". When I get mine uncovered again on Friday I'll have a closer look at that. I LOVE your idea and I think it would be awesome. The water pan would make it a lot easier to maintain the lower temps. I'd be interested in one of those for sure.

The WSM water pan is going to be too deep....
Thanks that is good to know, I have zero experience with these types of cookers but I plan on picking one up Saturday along with some clay saucers and will make a prototype adapter ring on Monday, will post pictures and see how it goes.
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