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Default Ripped off by local BGE dealer??? Opinions needed

So award for girlfriend of the year goes to my own. A L BGE for my 30th bday, surprised the hell out of me! So she gave me the receipt so I could register it.

Large Egg, nest, flimsy side shelves, not the nice teak or plastic ones, ash tool, grill gripper, non BGE branded electric lighter, BGE outdoor cover, and a bag of BGE charcoal. all said and done, out the door for $1200 which she paid cash and paid tax on top of that price.

AM i out of line for thinking she got ripped off? I need some suggestions, possible egg dealers? eric? eggy? where are you. She surprised me, so I had no influence on the purchase or where to get it from. I know a local dealer who has a VERY similar bundle for $850.

I would rather avoid getting my girl fired up over the fact she got taken for a ride, but don't want the dealer getting away with it.
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