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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Thank you friends.. I owe it all to Phesant for turning me into a bear crazed woman now. lol

Originally Posted by Redhot View Post
I was thinking the same thing, along with did he eat the bear? And I never thought to use those wild onions growing in the yard...hmmm, next time I don't have green onions for my salad I'll have to remember that! Everything looks great as always Jeanie!
Thank you Michele! It's good to see you posting again!!

Originally Posted by Grain Belt View Post
I am an old history major and I recall reading about bear lard in some frontier related journals. Evidently bear lard was highly prized for baking and frying and was a major part of keeping our pioneer ancestors fed. Also I have talked to a few old timers in northern Minnesota who recall their parents and grandparents use of bear lard. One gentleman said his mother made the best pie crust in the world with it! I think it is great when we take a step back into history with food.

I recently found a cookbook that takes recipes from the "Little House on the Prarie" series and actually makes them and adapts them to modern stoves. I bought it for my ten year old niece who is into cooking with her parents. I am excited to make a few things with her from it. It would be neat if bear lard is mentioned.

As always, Cowgirl's use of wild game is inspiring and looks amazing!
Thanks Grain Belt! These were the best biscuits I've had. I hope to try a pie crust with it too.
Your cookbook sounds very interesting...I bet your niece will love it! Hope you take pics of your cooks from the book! :)

Thanks again friends!
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