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Originally Posted by Anchors Smokeshop View Post
Like you did in post 34, can you post detailed steps on how to configure the stoker, router and iPhone to communicate with each other?
I already have a router connected to my stoker and I can access my stoker on my home network. I want to be able to access the stoker at a comp via my laptop and iPhone.
Can you please post detailed steps on how to do this?
If everything is working at home and you can bring your home router and the cables to your comp, you just plug everything together at the comp like you have it plugged up at home. If the laptop uses the local network wirelessly, then it will continue to work that way at the comp.

In simple terms, the router is what defines your local network. Anything that talks to it is part of your local network. So when you take your router to the comp., you are taking your local network with you. If it works at home, it will work at the comp. You just have to make sure it is connected the same way once you get to the comp. And, make sure that your iPhone or iPad are connected to the local network when you try to run the app at the comp.

The one key is to make sure that the WiFi part of your router is password protected so that no one can connect to it but yourself.

The steps are pretty much the same as post #34, but I list them here for anyone that has a non-WiFi Stoker:
  1. Configure the router and setup the wireless network on the router.
  2. Plug the Stoker into one of the ports at the back of the router.
  3. Configure your iPad/iPhone to connect to the newly configured router via WiFi.
  4. Make sure the iPad talks to the Stoker by going to the Stoker's IP address with a browser on the iPad.
  5. Turn off the Stoker and router and pack them up for the trip.
  6. When you get to the comp, plug in the router and then turn it on. Give it a minute or two to get going.
  7. Make sure the iPad connects to the router's wireless network. (It should have the same name as you gave it at home.)
  8. Plug in the Stoker to the router and make sure it gets an IP Address from the router.
  9. Double check that the iPad can talk to the WiFi stoker by going to the Stoker's IP address with a browser on the iPad.
  10. Crank up StokeMaster and enjoy!
Once again, the key is to make sure everything is working at home before you head off to the comp.

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