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I did my seasoning/test run yesterday and I'm very impressed. Got it up to 400* for a little while just to give it a nice burn then dropped it down to 225* and put on a fatty. Turned out awesome but had to do some tweaks w/ the UDS. The temps kept rising even when I had everything capped. Here were my issues and even though this was my test run and learning I'm loving this unit already.

I didn't have the best conditions for cooking; wind gusts easily over 40mph, a PIA for sure but I wanted to do my seasoning Sunday. I did about half load of charcoal in my square basket (12x12x6) and put about 8 lit coals on top minion method style. Had all the valves open, and I swear I hit 225* in about 10 mins. Very fast. I wanted to get a nice burn so I took it up to about 350ish and it went up to about 400*. At that point I started capping the valves and I wanted to bring the temp down to 225-250*. However the temp would not budge. I had all the valves closed and then with the wind blowing as hard as it was it dawned on my that maybe it was circulating from the exhaust pipes down into the smoker. So I got some aluminum foil and I capped one exhaust pipe completely. That did it; the temp came down fast. So is that possible that my dual exhaust pipes could cause that issue? See my pics above, but the length is about a foot but the opening is on a bias and is wide.

I'm hoping to do another cook this coming up weekend and hopefully it will be in good conditions and I can do another test. I would like to avoid having a tin foil cap on my exhaust as I like the look. Also; my next 2 builds will have to be the same way as the tops have the same holes unless I cap one some how and one stack.

Also I must have some gigantic barrels because I went and bought a 22.5 kettle at big lots to use for parts and its too small to use. I measured about 24ish" in dia.
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