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Originally Posted by pinkelephant View Post

I can afford this one but if I have 3 UDS's configured for hot grillin and "low and slow", what will this thing be doing that I'm not already doing.
I'm not complaning, just need convincing.
Probably nothing significant if you are happy with what you are using.

Originally Posted by pinkelephant View Post
I see your exhaust was almost closed. is that a kamado thing? I always thought that was not good. Also, the UDS trick to temp control is to only start a few coals and let the temp rise to where you need it. I think you got too much fire going before you tried to control it. Just my 2 cents, I know nothing about eggs.
Using the combination of top and bottom vent control gives you finer control over the airflow into the cooker. I have read stuff about leaving vents all the way open on top too, but IMO most of them don't hold much water unless you never want to clean out your cooker. The concern is of creosote buildup on the inside of the cooker. That's something you can visually monitor and deal with it if needed.
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