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JMSetzler, No the little stop screw on the end of the vent travel is all. Took that out pulled out the slide. And put the BGE gasket on the back of the slide. Cut , two strips of the gasket material and stuck them onto the sliding part and that cleared up my air leak. Yours looks like it may be leaking from the mount where mine was fine there. I think if you want you can get high temp RTV silicone in blk. Run a small bead along the top of the track for your vent the should seal yours up. And the Blk RTV won't show very much at all. Let us know has it work if you decide to do that. I'd be curious.

Seen your thread with the vids. Very nice work. Wish I had decent comp. to do vid editing with, but my CFO says no. LOL Very nice job. Hopefully vids. gets some of the nay sayers of the back of these grills. For the money your not going to be getting a Stumps or somrthing like that. But for under $300. I think its a pretty darn good grill/smoker. I told my wife I wanted a $900 Egg before I chose this, She told me it better darn well come with the goose. Or I aint getten that gold. And I'm glad she did, just stating out I don't think I could do much better on a high dollar rig. Maybe later I'll upgrade, but I think it will be more for the capacity reason then for the quality.

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