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nice smoke ring on that butt. it looked good.

I like the 3rd vid. I didn't watch all of 1 and skipped 2. (slow internet here)

I can afford this one but if I have 3 UDS's configured for hot grillin and "low and slow", what will this thing be doing that I'm not already doing.
I'm not complaning, just need convincing.

I see your exhaust was almost closed. is that a kamado thing? I always thought that was not good. Also, the UDS trick to temp control is to only start a few coals and let the temp rise to where you need it. I think you got too much fire going before you tried to control it. Just my 2 cents, I know nothing about eggs.

in your UDS, if you use charcoal, use RO. kingsford has a smelly problem when cooking low-n-slow. I have about 15 bags left of kingsford. I stock up during the summer sales but I only use it for grillin.

nice vid. I haven't gotten logged back into youtube since they required me to get a google account. I need to get around to it.
It's all about the smoke... Allen
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