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Originally Posted by JS-TX View Post
I wouldn't put it on the bottom, I would put it just under the top piece of lump in your mound. Q-dat has good advice, it's best to give it just a little air at a time to get to your target temp. Make small adjustments, it can sometime take 10 minutes or so for it to adjust to the new temp. A lot of people make too big of adjustments and their temps get way too high. Also check to see if the OEM therm has an adjustable nut on the back of it to calibrate the temp. Hopefully it's not a totally crap therm. It may take a few cooks to get your technique down. Also as you know Cowboy lump doesn't have a good rep. hopefully it doesn't affect your results.
The onboard thermometer has no calibration nut. In this cook with the diffuser in place, it's reading anywhere from 35-50 degrees low of my Maverick. I'm not too worried about the dome thermometer since I always use something else.

Adjusting the air here seems to respond about the same speed as my UDS so there is not a lot of difference. It's sorta hard to gage a response time since I'm cooking at nearly the bare minimum airflow this thing is capable of. I'm also dealing with some breezy weather, but other than that I'm satisfied at this point. The only thing that will ruin my day now is if Duke loses to UNC and/or if my Butt tastes nasty for some reason :)
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