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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Hello Everyone!

I was going to buy my brother a smoker for his new house, and was looking at those cheap offsets at Home Depot. After reading some bad reviews and finding this thread I decided to build a couple of UDS's.

I read through this entire thread (which has more pages than any book I've ever read). It's funny how a couple of people were complaining about its size at the 60 page mark.

I bought 2 drums off craigslist and got to work.

I followed the basic no-weld charcoal basket plan, using a pizza pan

Finished product

They both held temperature stable. But the one on the right has too big of a gap on lid, and the charcoal didn't die after I closed the valve and capped the exhaust. But nothing a little love with a hammer can't fix.

I seasoned it using a spray bottle with canola oil and threw on a fatty. I stuffed it with jalapenos, cheddar and cream cheese.

Sorry no cooked pics, it was gone before I even thought about it.

Next time I will definitely buy new barrels to save time.

Thank you everyone!
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