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Originally Posted by Hjammer-mn View Post
Triple T this is an inspirational project, I am planning my own offset build shortly and will definitely be referring back to your work. I also hope to see your rig in person when you guys get to Rochester for the Med-City.

One question for you on your build though, are you concerned at all with the weight distribution on the trailer having the smoker and firebox all the way over to one side? I would expect that the wood/storage side of the trailer will be significantly lighter than the "business side". Maybe its a non issue or you addressed it some other way but I thought I'd ask.

Great project, thanks for sharing.

Thanks. I am figuring on the weight being a couple hundred off between the two sides. I also plan on weighing it across the axle once we get it loaded up. With the storage box and and misc tables and other items I am counting on it being somewhat close. The warmer will be on the rear on the right side so that has been calculated into the picture too. Just not done yet. The front to rear weight is pretty good right now and so far I have only had to adjust the axle back one inch. The tongue weight is 180lbs right now and I am shooting for 200 lbs or 10& at the end to keep it towing nicely. Its been down I90 at 75-80 already and it tracks like an arrow at the moment. Drop on by and have a cold one with us. Brethren and other fellow BBQ'ers are always welcome! Stop on by were ever we are cooking.
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