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Originally Posted by JS-TX View Post
I would suggest filling your BRK with more lump, that way you don't have to keep adding more. I've never had to add any lump to my kegs when doing briskets or butts. I notice the red cookers have a grated removable CI piece in the middle, while the ones at Lowes have a solid CI removable piece instead.
A friend of mine has 2 BSK. he loves them. Picked 2nd one up at Menards on closeout sale for $289. Lucky farker. So I'm familiar with them. I like that they are a tad bigger and accesories are easier to find for them but the cost has just gone through the roof the last coulpe of yrs. I like the CI removable part in mine too. And the removable ash pan, so far, we'll see how the gasket holds up.
Hoping that Char-griller realizes they have a good thing and starts making some accessories for it like a good diffuser and the like. I set up my own diffuser. Out of a webber 17" coal rack and a 15" CI skillet.

Thanks for the advice on topping of the lump coal. When u fire up your keg for a low and slow do you pile the coals then light the top with a cube or how do you keep the heat down? From what I've been reading that seems to be the way to do it. Then adjust heat up and down with inlet vent.

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