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Originally Posted by Rys06TBSS View Post
You can hang it out around 250 for a long time... I always fill the fire box up all the way to. I usually use one starter cube and keep my vents barely open... Like maybe a nickles width. That seems to be the sweet spot for mine at least.
I had to remove half of my lit coals on the rib cook to get the temp to come down. I figured I was going to be opening the lid up every hr or so to spritz the ribs with white wine vinegar, so if I needed to add more lump I'd just move the rib rack off the center and drop In a handful or so. But it chugged right along. I had my bottom vent pretty much closed until the last hr or so, it leaked so much air and with openi.g the lid all the time to Dr. the ribs they just kept right on chugging along. Now that I backed the vent slide with the BGE gasket I will probably have to open the vent some.
I love the recovery time on these Big Reds too. Way better then my other Char-Grilled with the side box.

Have you done a Boston Butt on yours yet? Was wondering if you thought you could get two 7 - 8 #ers o. The Big Red or not.
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