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Originally Posted by accuseal View Post
As someone who does business in China, Be afraid, be very afraid. For starters it is probably not up to US safety standards (electrical).

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The post regarding safety has no merit, and no basis to support such a statement.

I'm no electrician, but I'm not sure how you could start a fire in a sealed metal box smaller that a 4"x4" electrical box with 12 volts, no oxygen, and no fuel, and the whole unit is grounded.....

I had another chance to run my unit on a 7 hour pork butt cook, and it worked great. I started my fire and used the manual setting to get my smoker up to temp. Like Wang stated, you can crank up the fan in manual mode, and it's pushing 50+cfm on high. I ran it at about 30% and was at temp in no time. This is a huge time saver. I run a chargriller which can be a pain to get up to temp. I normally waste an hour+ getting it stabalized. That is no longer a problem now. I also love the fact that when I forget to put in wood and the temp drops (when I fall asleep), I can throw some wood in and put it on manual to get back up to temp. I forgot to add wood about 4 times since having the controller and it's amazing how fast I can get back up to temp.

A small 12 volt adapter will not be enough to run this unit. If your not using a solid 12 volt gel cell battery you need a power supply of atleast 2-4 amps. I am using a laptop power supply which is 4 amp output and it struggles if the fan is on high. Because of the fan's power draw, (which is fine, I'd rather have a big fan than a 5 or 10 cfm whimpy fan) you need a good power supply. The laptop supply is not made for constant output.

I'm going to convert a atx computer power supply to a bench power supply and use that to run everything. Will have enough spare power to run some lights and a radio too. (5 bucks at radio shack and a youtube tutorial).

For a battery, a the standard 7ah battery for a vexilar fish locator will work awesome. They run about 16-20 bucks at sporting goods stores. I just like tinkering, and I sold my vexilar with my spare batteries.
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