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Default 3 in 1 BBQ GRILL SMOKER with Grease Catch Grill, 5 Shafts Rotisserie, Temp. Controller

Grease Catch Grill
All we know grease fire is bad for flavor and for health.
There are many discussions about grease fire and plans to avoid grease fire.
In a traditionally Rotisserie spit, it is suggested that coal is placed in two sides, not exact beneath the Rotissier. There is a pit that hog is placed just beside the fire, using reflecting fire to cook hog.
In a tradtionally offset wood pellet smoker, there a grease pan. In a vertical cabinet smoker, the water pan acts as a grease pan.
All above plans have this or that drawbacks. Even worse in many pits, grease fire is not avoidable.
This composite grill successfully avoids grease fire while keeps the smoke/heat distribution evenly. The base element collects grease dripping from upper element. Smoke and Heat can flow evenly through gaps between base element and upper element.

5 Shafts Spit Rotisserie

In a traditional single Shaft Rotisserie, food is hold by a pair of forks.
Now food is hold by FIVE shafts. Food can never rotate with the rod.
It is much easy to hold a full hog by this 5 shaft rotisserie.

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