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Originally Posted by ktkintner View Post
I hope to start my first UDS build this weekend, I have everything collected I believe or will have it all tomorrow when UPS arrives. Just waiting on some expanded steel, I ordered a 48x48 sheet from Amazon for $44 delivered via 2 day service, gotta love Amazon Prime!

I had originally picked up a couple food grade drums that had the dreaded red liner for $20 each. Then thanks to this site I found Orlando Drum & Container ( and decided to go with a couple refurbished barrels. I sold the other 2 barrels for $25 each and for $40 each I picked up 2 barrels that were spotless inside and made of substantially heavier metal, they feel to be about 10 lbs heavier per barrel than the previous ones. It was well worth the extra money not to have to deal with the liners and to get heavier gauge steel. My new drums are 22.5" diameter so I am going to add a steel ring to one of them to use with a Weber lid.

I am undecided on what to do with the 2nd drum, I may sell it to help pay for the first. I can always go after a couple drums in the future if I need another.
"sleep on it"
I made my first UDS this past Fall. I'm hooked! I'm making my second one as I write... Just keep your second drum until after you've smoke a couple times with your first. You may have the bug too!

Good luck with your build!
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