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Originally Posted by wmarkw View Post
Thanks all for the replies. I was just at Harbor freight and I wish I knew about the clamp. Will have to snag that on my next visit.

I'm racking my brain about this diffuser thing. I know I could easily drill some more holes, add another grate for a diffuser and figure out something to use if I want to. But what are most people doing?? Does the meat taste that bad with the fat dripped smoke? I have read so many post on so many different forums and I'm indecisive.

My other 2 smokers are an offset and a char broil fat boy water smoker; like a 18.5 WSM and I use the water bowl filled with sand for a heat sink. I'm not a smoking newb but I have never done a UDS direct heat smoke. TIA
no diffuser needed. I have a weber kettle style lid, so I run two cooking grates one is about 17 inches above the top of the charcoal basket, and the other is 6 inches higher, roughly. I cook with no diffuser, no water pan, nada, and it all works great. Look on page 3 of this monster thread for Norcoredneck's design plan. If you stick to that, you will not be disappointed. I have not read your original posts, so pardon me if I missed on some of your earlier points. But my opinion, is NO diffuser needed. Just let the drippings help flavor the meat.

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