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Originally Posted by wmarkw View Post
I got my exhaust stacks welded on my lid and now the lid doesnt fit as well. A little wobbly if that makes sense so not sure why that happened. Could I use some of that RTV red silicone sealant stuff around the drum lip to help seal it better? I still have the locking rig and could go that route.
The lid is probably just warped a little from when you were working on it. I would take a solid block of wood and a hammer, place the lid on, and start banging on the block of wood, working around the inner rim and edge of the lid until you get it to fit again. Also look to see if the lid is concave at all. As the lit heats and cools, it might flex a little. That is why I have went exclusively to weber kettle grill lids on closed-end drums. Chisel the top out of the drum, and put the kettle lid drilling, no fitting, as most are a perfect fit. They are rigid, and heavy duty.
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