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Default Char Griller "Big Red Kooker"

This is my first new thread. Thought I'd give my first impressions of the "King Griller, Big Red Kooker" by Char-Griller. I'm loving it. Plain and simple. I did some research on this grill grill/smoker prior to putting my $289 down on it. I as unable to find much about it online. I don't know if its to new on the market or if because its so inexpensive, no-one in the smoking community want to waste the hard earned cash on a could be an ok grill. Well, I'm glad I did.
Assembly was a snap. I assembled it in about 45 minutes on my front drive in about 30 degree weather. Using my wifes tools. which consisted of a Phillips head, a flat head,screw driver and a cressant wrench. So easy. The grill is amazingly sturdy. Puts the green Egg and BSK stands to shame. Fired up the grill oild the grates to season hem andlet it go for about two hrs. Monkey with the vents avigo getting used to the opperation of them. Had a hard time bringing the heat down once it got to high. I pulled half he coals and it stabiilized right in at 250 degrees and stayed there.
I threw on a whole 5# chicken on a beer butt rack. Tossed on some apple chips. And had smoked/grilled beer but chicken for supper that night. All seasoned and grilled in 30 degree weather on 1/2# of lump charcolal. Going to great seeing what it will do on a low and slow long cook.
The next weekend I did up 3 full racks of baby backs all cut in half and skinned. The temp outside was hanging right in at 0 degree mark so I put in about a pound of lump fired up yhe smoker and brought the temp up to 250. Had a hard time balancing the temp. Determined I needed to make a baffle/slash water pan before I attemped another low and slow. But the ribs turned out wonderful. I just had o baby sit the smoker a lot more then I wanted to. Esspecially since it was 0 degrees out side.
I bought a roll of small BGE lid sealling felt for $13 put it on the back of the sliding vent mechanism, that sealed the vent nicely. Can now control the air properly. So for $289 + $13. You can have a smoker that will do anything a BGE or a BSK will do. And have $400 - $500 dollars left over for meat and charcoal.
I'll admit I'm new to the smoking scene, but I can't imagine gettin a better rig then the Big Red Kooker, for $300. I'm thinking we're going to have to start calling it the BRK. Cause it won't be to long before the quality of the grill/smoker makes it into a big seller for Char-Griller. IMHO.
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