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Originally Posted by Triple T BBQ View Post
Looking good. I am not sure what else is next but you might think about increasing the bracing between the tank and the 3x5 tubing you have coming up though the floor. Also watch the weight. That steel tread plate is not light. You may end up needing another axle if you keep going with all the steel. Just food for thought. Looking great.

i agree those 2 little rectangle tubes arent enough the side to side vibrations/wiggle will snap welds eventually, i would weld 2 uprights from frame to mid way up pipe on the back to reinforce and maybe the front also.
as for the double axle i didnt see it either in pics i must have missed it but u will prob need it, as long as your using a decent truck to pull you wont need brakes till 3000 lbs as long as your right foot behaves and you know how to drive with a trailer
I love build threads! keep going its looking great!
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