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Thanks everyone. I'm excited to see what it will look like!

Originally Posted by Triple T BBQ View Post
Looking good. I am not sure what else is next but you might think about increasing the bracing between the tank and the 3x5 tubing you have coming up though the floor. Also watch the weight. That steel tread plate is not light. You may end up needing another axle if you keep going with all the steel. Just food for thought. Looking great.
What did you mean by increasing the bracing between the tank and the tubing? A vertical increase? We calculated the heighth of the 2x4 supports in relation to the box/chamber opening. The firebox is recessed 4in below the flooring with the 2x4 supports. I'll tell you what the plan is so far. We are of course going to weld the tank to the 2x4 piping (there are two of these supports). We are also going to take a heavy-duty 5 1/2in bolt and fasten it to the frame inside of each tube. Our grease trap will also be fed through the 2x4 piping to keep it hidden. We are going to be building closed storage space up about 14-16in high (this will be butted up against the back of the chamber and on the smoke stack end). The chamber shouldn't move, roll, or otherwise. What are your thoughts?

Also, we have two axels on the's just hard to tell because we only have 2 wheels on it right now. We'll be getting the wheels as soon as we need them (who knows when that will be). If anyone knows where to getem' cheap, let me know!Thought about electric breaks, but we don't think we'll really need them.
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