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Got the unit up and running. Boy does this thing ever need a good manual.
I have the golden lion unit which has wireless and does not come with the wireless handset unlike the GOLDEN-TIGER. You are supposed to be able to access it over a wireless connection using your web browser. I have not been able to complety test this just yet.

It does come up with a default wireless SSID of GOLDEN-LION and the wireless security is off or set to OPEN for those of you are familiar with networking. I ran a port scan on it and its got three open ports on it over the wireless interface. Port 23, typically used for telnet and it does respond with a telnet server but wants an admin password. Good idea since you don't want a tech savey competitor to change your settings while you are asleep.

It also has port 80 and port 1080 open as HTTP interfaces on it. When I connect to port 80 it just sits there and does not respond to get requests from the web browser. Most likely since its not quite setup right yet. I then connected to port 1080 which seems to be the admin port since it pops right up with a login prompt.

First off a suggestion. Wang, I am going to assume you are selling to the US for the most part, I would recommend that you set the default temp display to F instead of C. Much easier for most of to use.

Second suggestion: Ship the unit with 110v transformer to 12v allow us plug this in while in the house and setup the unit like we want. Its 38 degrees outside right now where I live so I am not going to spend time outside to do this.

I stopped by my local savers/salvation army/goodwill and picked up a used laptop transformer that puts out 12volts and 1.8 amps which is more than what we need to run the fan.

Third observation. When I am looking at the T1 variable on the screen I only get part of the T on the screen. Programming bug?

Next question: You mentioned that you are going to upgrade the web interface in the next release. So how do I upgrade when you get a new firmware made available? Can I send the new firmware to the unit using the webserver or via the telnet service? Or is there a serial or USB port on the logic board inside the box?
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