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I did ask for a larger than normal butt and a product that had a nice fat cap along with being fresh. *When they Fedex'd me the meat I called to talk to the packer and they explained my products specs. *It was like me asking the gas station clerk for a winning lottery ticket last Tuesday morning, except she did sell me a $100 winner. *
In 1998 I learned to butcher from a German immigrant in Northern Iowa. *The cut that was sent to me was the same cut I used in my butchering since then. *For an old German butcher to cut that way makes me wonder why it is called Japanese.
I am not sure how this cut I got from my new found source compares to the 13-17 pound butts I had been purchasing from a local food service company *differs. *We have always had huge butts with nice money muscles from U.S. Foodservice and Hawkeye Food Service.
Would it matter who was doing the actual cutting at the Hormel, IBP, JBS, or other packing plant? *I would guess that human involvement at the plant often leads to poor quality or great quality butts and being diligent in meat selection process rather than someone going out to buy collars. *I have a packing plant that I can purchase fresh killed never frozen butts 12 minutes from my farm that I have found great product as well.
As long as rule #10 in the KCBS rule book is followed then nobody should have anything to worry about.
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