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I believe that there a great deal of good comments here. From what I understand from this packer/ producer this is a typical way of cutting for them. The explanation is the fact they they leave less for grinding and waste. The producer specializes in one particular product that is far from the shoulder so anything they can sell after they harvest what they want for their primary product is a big plus.
I noticed last night while injecting it (Smoker on Wheels Pork Injection) that the long muscle tissue allowed for easy injecting and the striations kept a massive amount of the liquid in the meat. The fat that was left on was quite different compared to the butts I am used to. The pliability and density was much less that my past purchases.
Lastly, the size of the money muscle was large and had great fat striations through it. I understand that the size isn't always imperative but I have had better luck with slices of money muscle with a diameter of 1 1/2" rather than a 1" piece. Scottie is right when he says the size doesn't matter if you don't cook it correctly, and I believe that applies to every piece of meat.
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