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Originally Posted by BBQ Bros View Post
I'm in the middle of an all day cook and have 2 flat cut briskies on along w/ some other stuff. I have a WSM and have never foiled my briskies before and they always turn out super super tender and moist. I've read many places though, including this forum, that foiling is essential during the cook. Do you agree or disagree? Since I'm using a WSM and they're getting hit with steam from the water pan during the cook, I'm under the impression that's what keeps them nice and moist and therefore I don't need to foil. I am right or wrong? What's your take?

Everyone is going to have a different take, but I'm a BIG believer in foiling. Our group usually foils once we get to 160 and then unfoil once we get to about 180 sustained, hit it with a little rub and let it run to the finish line. I think it definitely adds tenderness,but that's just my own two cents.
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