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Originally Posted by Royalslover View Post
Very nice work. I'm in the process of building a center feed reverse flow but quite a bit smaller. I see that you placed your chimney about cooking grate lever. What was your thought process as far as how high to put it?
Well to be honest, we needed about 18 inches out the top to provide a nice mounting surface for the chrome stack that goes over it. So we used a 1/3 rule and left about 6 inches inside the smoker so we had enough material to support the stack on the outside and give us room to brace it against the inside wall. I also took a look at a lot of different smokers and decided that I wanted about 4-6 inches of room above the grates as a starting point. Lastly I wanted to be able to have the inner sleeve be able to drop down below grate level if I wanted it to. IE lots of adjustment. Since we have yet to formally cook on it, I have no idea if we are right or not. But I do know we have a lot of tuning capacity if its not right out of the box too.
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