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Question Looking for insight on specialty pork butts.

I am looking for some honest advice and input when it comes to high quality competition pork. *Being from Iowa, having many friends that raise pigs, and having massive pork supplies at reasonable prices readily available I have never thought I would need to upgrade to a higher quality of pork.
I was recently put in touch with a custom pork producer here in Iowa. *We spoke about the needs of bbq competitors in terms of pork. *I explained what I would like and the head of purchasing and packing said he would be happy to butcher to those exact specs.
Today I received two, 11 pound avg. pork butts, cut from the second rib with 1/4" fat left on. *
I opened one cryopac and took numerous photos, including the massive money muscle. *From what I have seen in person and online this product looks similar to Snake River Farms and Eden Farms products.
If anyone would like to take a look at my photos and see the product for yourself please send me a private message.
I guess I would like to know what people that regularly buy Snake River Farms and other custom cuts of pork look for and what I should look for in this Iowa raised pork.
Thanks a bunch!
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