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okay gang. You know what time it is!!

Yep. More progress! Most of the heavy lifting is now done and we are getting ready to go to sandblasting, finally. We tore the trailer back down a bit more so we could do the deck plates and finish up some wiring, and misc items.

Here is the front storage box off the trailer and torn back down to just the frame. It will get painted gloss black. Using a 2011 lexus black with deep clear coat on everything but the smoker. The smoker is getting the 1500 degree ceramic gloss black paint. Hopefully it will not peel off the firebox.

It looks a little sad but here is the smoker sitting outside with the firebox grate trimmed down. Also in the picture is the minion box frame. Need to add the dividers to the box and put some heavy mesh on the bottom of the box still. Got the second temp gauge ring installed now too. We didn't like how the top of the firebox came out and how warped the original steel was so we cut the top off the stove and put some more fresh steel back on it and rewelded it. Ready to get blasted!

We finished up the inner sleeve so now we can control how long the smoke stays in the upper part of the fire box. Its completely adjustable all the way down to cooking grates. The chrome stack will have a damper up high to help us control draw where needed. Pics coming for that a little later. Need to get this sucker off the to sandblaster.

Another shot of the front with the doors open. Both temp gauge rings are in place and the front and rear angle iron is in place to help with the lower cooking grates. Need to still get the front to back rails in place yet.

Here is another shot of the interior firebox. It seems big when we started but its getting smaller all the time it seems. Trimed the lower grate down on the sides so it will sit lower in the firebox and allow more room above the logs when we are burning sticks and splits only.

Here is a shot with the wood grate installed. Some finish welding is still needed on the edges but you get the idea of where it will sit when finished. Nice and level to stack everything on.

Another shot of the Minion box mock up. It still needs dividers and bottom mesh installed but you can see how it just slides into place with or without the grate installed. Sectioned the front so its easy to drop splits or lump in without pulling the entire box out of the firebox too. I think it came out pretty nice. We shall see soon how well it works for us.

My buddy's famous headless torso in the background again. He's really camera shy and has sucessfully avoided most of the shots we have taken while documenting this build. Just got done installing the Aluminium Tread Plate (ATP) on the deck of the trailer. Once we are sure we have it all just right then it gets ripped back off before we goto the sandblaster and paint. Did I mention its snowing like crazy right now? It seems like everytime I mention sandblast, bodyshop or paint in this thread then we get an arctic snowstorm! Grrrrr.....

A front view of the trailer. I also decided that if I ever pull the smoker off the trailer and put it in the side yard patio then I will just have a pretty sweet trailer to tow the ATV's with.

Thats it for this week. Next up: Upper rails for the cooking grates, final tear down, sandblasting, paint and body work. Then the smoke test!!!
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