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Originally Posted by big brother smoke View Post
I ordered the heat diverter, 2 pairs of xtra slides, cover, guru, commerical charcoal basket.

Should I order the tie downs and casters? I plan on placing the Backwoods on the back of the RV with a hitch carrier.
If you plan on standing it up vertically the casters will be a PITA. You can crank the tiedows tight but with those hitch carriers one little bump on the road and the hitch can bounce side to side. You can eliminate some of the play in the hitch with a anti-sway insert but I'd just lay it down and pad it with some cargo blankets. You can pickup a cheap hand truck from harbor freight to move the cooker around. One other option I would look at is 180° doors if they are available on the

Originally Posted by big brother smoke View Post

I ordered the extended party. Just trying to make sure I get all the bells and whistles now. What kind of stand do you use?
I no longer have my competitor but it had casters as welll as the party.

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Dont ever order a BWS without the heat diverter I still dont know why they just dont include it in the price. You can always slide it out to run hotter if you want.
So true mine came without it...I wish I knew ahead of time.
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