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Well good news. I found 4 food safe drums; a little road trip but I'm gald I made the trip. I got 3 that are unlined that held Tobassco sauce but get this, the sauce was in a plastic barrel and you just lift out the plastic liner and boom a brand new unlined drum. The other one I bought is closed and has the tan liner in it but since I made the haul I wanted to get my moneys worth and stock up. So I got all 4 drums and an extra lid for $60!!

I'm ready to get building. Do I need to do a mega burn out since my drums are liner free and clean inside? I do want to re-paint them but I'm assuming I can just paint over the black color now. I dont think I should have to burn it off. From there once I get everything ready I will do a high temp seasoning.

I have read most of this thread and wowza. I'm overloaded with info but for my first build I'm sticking with the KISS method and then on one of my other drums maybe I will do the weber lid version. I will post some pron this month. Thanks.
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