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Default Hot & Fast Memphis-style Pulled Pork (pics)

Today I cooked a Memphis-style butt hot & fast butt. Is that an oxymoron?
Maybe, but it certainly beats a low-n-slow-as-Memphis butt.

Here's a quick visual play-by-play:

Rub the butt (mine was 7.5 lbs) with my Memphis-style rub. Cover and
refrigerate fat-side-up for at least 12, but up to 36 hours (as I did).

Fire up your cooker (in my case a USM -- UDS with a water pan) for
cooking at 325* grate temp. I used Kingsford blue bag with four small
chunks of hickory and 1/4 of a cherry Mojobrick.

While your coals are starting, uncover the butt and hit it with another light
coat of rub.

Put it on the cooker, fat-side-down. I started with about 1/2 gallon of water in
the pan.

Let it cook for 3 hours at an average grate temperature of 325-350*, adding
water to the pan as needed. Here's how mine looked at two hours.

At the three hour mark (mine was 165* internal), wrap it fat-side-up in a
triple layer of heavy-duty foil, adding 1/2 can of ginger ale.

Put it back on the cooker for another two hours, adding water to the pan
as needed. The finished temp should be about 203*.

We're about to eat, so I'll post the finished pics later.


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